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The Following are Instructions from the MIAA on January 5, 2022

Please accept this as a reminder for the proper procedure to complete the coach and student disqualification forms.  This communication also includes links to the most up-to-date form to be filled out.

Each disqualification form (student or coach) requires the name and school of the person receiving the DQ and must only include one person per form ~ two individuals CANNOT be listed on one form.

(1) The site manager will have these forms available for officials at the game site.  It would be helpful if officials also carried some extra up-to-date forms (linked below)

(2) The suspending official must notify the scorer, the person in charge, and the coach of each team at the time a student is disqualified from a contest. At the conclusion of the contest, the official must complete the form and give it to the site manager. COMMENT about this From the WMBUA Interpreter: I suggest you inform the Site Manager that you will email him/her your completed MIAA Disqualification Form either later that evening or by end of the morning next day. In this manner, you can have time to think, speak with your partner, and more thoroughly describe the violation on the form before you submit it. I also recommend you cc your completed form to the Assignor, our WMBUA Secretary, our WMBUA President, and your partner. I also recommend you phone call the Assignor as soon as possible after the game to notify him of the Disqualification and to tell him your written form will come to him later. You want the Assignor to hear from you BEFORE he hears from the coach of the team involved in the Disqualification.

(3) The site manager is responsible for sending copies to the Principal and Athletic Director of each school involved and to the MIAA office to the attention of Donna Harrington (

Here are the links to the current forms:

Student ~

Coach ~